Feb. 4th, 2015

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The wool has won. No fuzzy, yellow popcorn like baby blanket for this girl. Or rather none of that for my friend - I'm selling the wool to my mom who is making a baby blanket as well out of the devils yarn (hers is blue and white and looks amazing) and going to buy yarn I can work with. And make a less ambitious baby blanket. If I can that pattern I had was marked easy! Easy damnit!

(And the pattern called for that wool so - urgh.)

To Ravelry I go!

(My TARDIS scarf hit a brief road bump, but gramdma to the rescue! And then my knitting guru co-worker. And then my mom. This scarf is going to be a team effort :P. IDK I might stick to knitting cowls after this, my wham, bam, thank you lamb cowl turned out fine.
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The Books! )

- I read more then I thought I would! Which is exiting, that's 16 read. Granted some had been started in December, so that gave me a bit of a push.

- I sort of felt at the start of the year like omg, this is so much non fiction, lets get the fiction rolling out, and hope to balance my love of both throughout the year.

- I own three of these books - Between a Heart and a Rock Place, The Troop and Mr. Kiss and Tell I need to really not buy anymore books after I obtain the new Nick Honrby that is on sale and the new Gaiman until I've tackled the pile (really, it's a pile) of books that I own that are sitting on my nightstand. That doesn't count the shelf of TO READ's I have in my spare room :/.

- I feel sort of reading slumpish right here and right now, but I'm hoping to drag myself out of it. February is a short month, and I have knitting I want to focus on but I also want to get some reading time in.


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