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I am in a reading slump.

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Started watching this show on the CBC called X Company about spies / resistance fighters in WWII. Should be my thing, but eeehhhh, not quite working for me yet (possibly because I was watching it while trying to knit / not fall asleep / being generally cranky). But twas but the pilot and I shall hang on!

And I feel shamed that I didn't know of the real life Camp X which was totally a thing. This is where I'd be all what did I learn in school!?! but to be fair, I did learn a lot, my teachers were hyper focused in Junior High on Canadian history (we spent what felt like years learning about the building of the railroad and at the time I was all "can we please talk about anything else" but now I'm glad we spent that time there.) and when I got into high school I was personally hyper focused on European history, and the French Revolution.

Anyways - back to this. So I'm watching and going that dude, looks familiar. Who is that dude and then I went to IMDB and I was all, oh okay he was on Flashpoint and I use to see commercials for that show all the time. Cool.
And then my mind was blown.

As I discovered actor Hugh Dillion is also the lead singer for the Headstones. AKA - a dude who I had a pretty big crush on when I was in high school thanks to the videos Blonde and Blue and Cubically Contained and others. Yeah those videos are very 90's/early 2000's.

In Short: I am learning so much about Canadian history and Canadian rock stars turned actors this week.
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- I read more then I thought I would! Which is exiting, that's 16 read. Granted some had been started in December, so that gave me a bit of a push.

- I sort of felt at the start of the year like omg, this is so much non fiction, lets get the fiction rolling out, and hope to balance my love of both throughout the year.

- I own three of these books - Between a Heart and a Rock Place, The Troop and Mr. Kiss and Tell I need to really not buy anymore books after I obtain the new Nick Honrby that is on sale and the new Gaiman until I've tackled the pile (really, it's a pile) of books that I own that are sitting on my nightstand. That doesn't count the shelf of TO READ's I have in my spare room :/.

- I feel sort of reading slumpish right here and right now, but I'm hoping to drag myself out of it. February is a short month, and I have knitting I want to focus on but I also want to get some reading time in.
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The wool has won. No fuzzy, yellow popcorn like baby blanket for this girl. Or rather none of that for my friend - I'm selling the wool to my mom who is making a baby blanket as well out of the devils yarn (hers is blue and white and looks amazing) and going to buy yarn I can work with. And make a less ambitious baby blanket. If I can that pattern I had was marked easy! Easy damnit!

(And the pattern called for that wool so - urgh.)

To Ravelry I go!

(My TARDIS scarf hit a brief road bump, but gramdma to the rescue! And then my knitting guru co-worker. And then my mom. This scarf is going to be a team effort :P. IDK I might stick to knitting cowls after this, my wham, bam, thank you lamb cowl turned out fine.
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Lets be clear. This is not happy yarn. This is yarn from a fiery pit of hell. I have had to rip my baby blanket four times so far. I have placed three calls to my mother, saying “I hate this yarn” and twice I have cried during those phone calls (I cry when I get frustrated.) This blanket is not made with love, but with curses and tears. So I might keep it for me when I’m done (or give it to Ripley) and make my friend one that is made of sane wool, and not wool I have cried bitter, frustrated tears over.

I am not giving up however! Even if I drop stitches (again) or knot things and make my mother go; “All right hand over the scissors there is only one way to fix this.”

And today I am going to start an alternate project that is more straight kniting -I’m making a TARDIS scarf. And when that is done, I’m going to work on the blanket and also work on a fourth Doctor scarf for another pal. I have until June before the baby is born,and until June before it’s my pals birthday.


I shall knit on.
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And this time it's Can Lit focused.

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And I am EXCITED! I’m even more excited because it’s Canadian Lit themed, and I am ready. I wanted to read more Canadian lit this year and well - this is going to encourage me even more! (Granted my goal was to read more Margaret Atwood but that then spiraled into read more CanLit and now - this!)

Card from Random House. I failed at both versions of their Bingo last year (YA and non YA) but not this year.

I've got some Atwood checked out from the library, I want to delve more into Miriam Toews backlist, and after jumping around a bit I'm going back to the beginning of Emily St. John Mandel's work. And from there - who knooowwws.
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Day Twelve - Library

Halifax Central Library. So shinny.
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January Book Photo Challenge - Day Eleven - Bookshelf.

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Day Ten (still a day behind!) - Favorite Genre.

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Can Stephen King be a genre? Well. Lets go with horror then. Horror is my favorite genre.
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January Book Photo Challenge - Day Seven- This Book Inspired Me - Bossypants, Tina Fey. Because Tina Fey (and lets be real Amy Poehler) are goddamn inspirations.
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January Book Photo Challenge - Day Six - An Emotional Rollercoaster - The Stand.

All right - trying not to be spoilery here, but I picked this book because - well a lot of awful things happen. A lot. But there is one thing that I became convinced (and terribly distraught about) was going to happen. So I braced myself for it, and stayed up late reading so I could get to where it happened and get it over.

Then it didn’t happen. And I felt such relief. But something else happened. Something else that was awful but that I had not been mentally prepared for.

This book had my emotions going up and down like a yo-yo.


Jan. 6th, 2015 12:17 pm
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Lets be very honest - was this real / should it become real - I would watch it over and over. Pretty much on an endless loop. I mean. Maybe. Possibly. It could have gone very very wrong. LA LA LA NO MOVIES AFTER ALIENS. Can't heeaarrr you, nope, nope, nope.

In related Aliens news - bought a soap today called Facehugger. I haven't decided if I'll actually ya know - wash my face with it. Hands? Sure. Face .... seems like I might be tempting fate *.

And finally, I sit, and I sigh, and I pine for the release of The Deep by Nick Cutter. I was pretty much sold from the get go by the fact that:

a) It's billed as The Abyss meets The Shining (and there is a strange plague to boot! All my bells are being rung here people!).
b) It's written by the guy who wrote the story about the boyscouts vs zombies [cool enough as it is] and then set it off the coast of PEI. You know what's off the coast of PEI? NOVA SCOTIA, Sure, the story isn't set here, but close enough.

Full disclosure though: I have not read The Troop. Or rather. I didn't finish it. I got scared, and grossed out and had to return it to the library. I am however re-reading it now.

Also - HAPPY 2015 EVERYONE! I hope it is a good year. I know I'm late with the well wishes.

* I love horror stuff. I am also a huge wimp. I usually have to close my eyes during scenes with the facehuggers. I get all clammy and grossed out (I am right now!) thinking about them jumping on your face and just -- aarrrggghhhhhhhhh.
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January Book Photo Challenge - Day Four - First Book I Ever Loved.

How could I not love Red is Best? It has my name in it (Kelly) and it came out the year I was born.
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From I Must Say: My Life As a Humble Comedy Legend, by Martin Short.

The whole thing is incredibly quotable and funny * and just - gosh. Between reading this and listening to Bossypants * * on audio, I have been laughing a lot lately.

* But naturally me being me, I pull out a quote about Canadians being weird.

** I really liked Bossypants as a book, and thought it was amazing, but it’s actually become better on audio. I think the same thing would apply here, and am going to obtain an audio copy of this book.


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