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Day Twelve - Library

Halifax Central Library. So shinny.
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January Book Photo Challenge - Day Eleven - Bookshelf.

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Day Ten (still a day behind!) - Favorite Genre.

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Can Stephen King be a genre? Well. Lets go with horror then. Horror is my favorite genre.
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January Book Photo Challenge - Day Seven- This Book Inspired Me - Bossypants, Tina Fey. Because Tina Fey (and lets be real Amy Poehler) are goddamn inspirations.
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January Book Photo Challenge - Day Six - An Emotional Rollercoaster - The Stand.

All right - trying not to be spoilery here, but I picked this book because - well a lot of awful things happen. A lot. But there is one thing that I became convinced (and terribly distraught about) was going to happen. So I braced myself for it, and stayed up late reading so I could get to where it happened and get it over.

Then it didn’t happen. And I felt such relief. But something else happened. Something else that was awful but that I had not been mentally prepared for.

This book had my emotions going up and down like a yo-yo.
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January Book Photo Challenge - Day Four - First Book I Ever Loved.

How could I not love Red is Best? It has my name in it (Kelly) and it came out the year I was born.
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Day Two Book Photo Challenge - New Year, Newest Book.

I don’t have this in my possession yet, but it’s shipped! It’s also the newest book I bought so - there you go. New year, and newest book I own :). Also - haven’t gotten any books out of the library since I bought this one, so it’s newest book all around.


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