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So as always, the reading goals are more - things I want to work towards and if I don't achieve some of them? I don't.

As well for this year I'm not going to try to read one genre more then the other, I've made a point the last two years of trying to read more non-fiction and I feel I've really succeeded in that, so I'm pleased that I've managed to broaden my reading. Fantasy and horror will always be my favorite genres but I'm finding all kinds of good reads in all kinds of genres.

So all that aside, what are my goals for 2015?

  • Don't stress about my goals. I really want to embrace this one. I got stressed out a few times this year about falling behind in the goodreads challenge, and - I don't want that to happen this year. Reading is for fun, and not a chore.

  • Try and work on reading some of the books I own. Library books are checked out for a limited time, so I get needing to read those first but I have books languishing on my Kobo and on my bookshelf that I should check out before I buy anything new. -- I am expecting this to be a hard goal to stick to. as I have already picked out books to buy in January ...

  • Do the goodreads challenge again!

  • Blog more about books. Try and do Friday reads, and read other book blogs.


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