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Smile and Wave

Started watching this show on the CBC called X Company about spies / resistance fighters in WWII. Should be my thing, but eeehhhh, not quite working for me yet (possibly because I was watching it while trying to knit / not fall asleep / being generally cranky). But twas but the pilot and I shall hang on!

And I feel shamed that I didn't know of the real life Camp X which was totally a thing. This is where I'd be all what did I learn in school!?! but to be fair, I did learn a lot, my teachers were hyper focused in Junior High on Canadian history (we spent what felt like years learning about the building of the railroad and at the time I was all "can we please talk about anything else" but now I'm glad we spent that time there.) and when I got into high school I was personally hyper focused on European history, and the French Revolution.

Anyways - back to this. So I'm watching and going that dude, looks familiar. Who is that dude and then I went to IMDB and I was all, oh okay he was on Flashpoint and I use to see commercials for that show all the time. Cool.
And then my mind was blown.

As I discovered actor Hugh Dillion is also the lead singer for the Headstones. AKA - a dude who I had a pretty big crush on when I was in high school thanks to the videos Blonde and Blue and Cubically Contained and others. Yeah those videos are very 90's/early 2000's.

In Short: I am learning so much about Canadian history and Canadian rock stars turned actors this week.