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I always love reading the quotes at the beginning of books (well when the books have them). And I’m taking it as a really good sign that this book (The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: A Shocking Murder and the Undoing of a Great Victorian Detective by Kate Summerscale) opens with a quote from The Moonstone. Gosh I love that book.
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Day Two Book Photo Challenge - New Year, Newest Book.

I don’t have this in my possession yet, but it’s shipped! It’s also the newest book I bought so - there you go. New year, and newest book I own :). Also - haven’t gotten any books out of the library since I bought this one, so it’s newest book all around.
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So Netflix rolled out Friends - all ten seasons. So. Guess what black hole my time is falling into? Started season one tonight, watching the pilot right now. Oh the hair. The clothes and omg Rachel's wedding dress, ahahaha.

And right from the word go, Chandler is my favorite. Yay Matthew Perry and his delivery of his lines. Joey is a close second but I'm finding the hair baffling right now.

It's funny, because some shows can take you right back. And this one does, although I wasn't allowed to watch it at first, mom thought that it was too mature for me (and my sister). So yeah I know I've seen the pilot before, and I knew the general outline out of it, but right now I'm like this is all semi-new-ish.
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So as always, the reading goals are more - things I want to work towards and if I don't achieve some of them? I don't.

As well for this year I'm not going to try to read one genre more then the other, I've made a point the last two years of trying to read more non-fiction and I feel I've really succeeded in that, so I'm pleased that I've managed to broaden my reading. Fantasy and horror will always be my favorite genres but I'm finding all kinds of good reads in all kinds of genres.

So all that aside, what are my goals for 2015?

  • Don't stress about my goals. I really want to embrace this one. I got stressed out a few times this year about falling behind in the goodreads challenge, and - I don't want that to happen this year. Reading is for fun, and not a chore.

  • Try and work on reading some of the books I own. Library books are checked out for a limited time, so I get needing to read those first but I have books languishing on my Kobo and on my bookshelf that I should check out before I buy anything new. -- I am expecting this to be a hard goal to stick to. as I have already picked out books to buy in January ...

  • Do the goodreads challenge again!

  • Blog more about books. Try and do Friday reads, and read other book blogs.

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So I really get a lot of what the author is saying in this book riot post - Why I’m Not Participating in the Goodreads Reading Challenge in 2015. I get the anxiety feeling the - oh man I need to read more feeling, and the feeling of not completing something, and how that would feel.

But something I didn't consider until today was that - reaching my goal might make me go "wait I need to save all the books for next year!.

Now I might be just going through one of my reading slumps, and it might be because it was the holidays and I've been more focused on eating all the things and visiting with all the family and friends then reading. But I've been picking up book sand reading 30-40 pages and going "nope, not for me!"

And today I started to wonder - am I trying to horde the books for the new year?

Well today I started in on Dark Triumph (His Fair Assassin #2) by Robin LaFevers and I think that the book might be breaking my slump. We will see. It could be the first book I read in 2015 at the reading pace I'm going at.

Related to Dark Triumph -- I read the first book in the series a while back, and I'm now realizing I'm a tad fuzzy on some of the details. But not fuzzy enough to go and re-read. However I just want to take a moment to say -

Oh man I loved the cover for Grave Mercy the first book in the trilogy. Loved it oh so much.

The cover! )
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And with time to spare!


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