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Bells of Kells ([personal profile] absentmindedkells) wrote2015-02-20 07:50 pm

Friday Reads

I am in a reading slump.

I've been trying to fight it, I've been trying to scramble out of it, but - I am now going to admit it. I'm not admitting defeat, I've been in these slumps before, and I will recover. I have no sure-fire recovery for the reading slump, I tend to just - keep reading until something re-ignites the fire.

And I have been trying. But nothing seems to stick. Here is a badly lit (god the lighting in my room sucks) look at the books that I own that I have yet to read*

And the books I'm trying to read before they go back to the library:


I want to love Last Night In Montreal and I DO, but omg I can't sink into it the way I want to. And City Of Savages is all SISTERS! In an alternate history (I think - or it mught be a futuristic) New York PoW camp, and there is a ~mystery. And maybe it will be like Red Dawn but with sisters. (Was there sisters in that movie? There were brothers, I know that. But despite having seen the sequel and the re-make I'm drawing a blank. I know there was Charlie Sheen and then Thor. ) I legit checked the book out because ~sisters! In s/f! I am tired of all my books about sisters being like - one is dead and the other is trying to come to grips, or they live each others lives and learn valuable lessons. There is nothing wrong with those books, but s/f and fantasy is where my heart lives and I want sisters in those genres.

And speaking of - I am still trying to fall back in love with fantasy novels. I ate, breathed, and dreamed dragons, and mages, and epic quests to save the world in high school and university and then - something happened. I sort of drifted away, and I got really into urban fantasy which I still love but now - I'm even drifting from that.

Part of it, no lie, is that I don't always want to embark on a bazillion book long epic series, and sometimes it feels like everything is a huge series and I will get no closure ever. And I don't know what the rest of it is, I think I burned out and I just - I want to get back to it.

I might dig out the first two Nightrunner books and re-read those, because - yay Alec and Seregil. There is also I guess aduiobooks which I might try as I like people to tell me stories while I run. I should also see if the Gentlemen Bastards books are offered in audio ...

* I also have two bookshelves of Books To Read that I own. But these are the most pressing ones.

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