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Bells of Kells ([personal profile] absentmindedkells) wrote2015-01-30 08:26 am

That Thing That Is Driving Me Insane

Lets be clear. This is not happy yarn. This is yarn from a fiery pit of hell. I have had to rip my baby blanket four times so far. I have placed three calls to my mother, saying “I hate this yarn” and twice I have cried during those phone calls (I cry when I get frustrated.) This blanket is not made with love, but with curses and tears. So I might keep it for me when I’m done (or give it to Ripley) and make my friend one that is made of sane wool, and not wool I have cried bitter, frustrated tears over.

I am not giving up however! Even if I drop stitches (again) or knot things and make my mother go; “All right hand over the scissors there is only one way to fix this.”

And today I am going to start an alternate project that is more straight kniting -I’m making a TARDIS scarf. And when that is done, I’m going to work on the blanket and also work on a fourth Doctor scarf for another pal. I have until June before the baby is born,and until June before it’s my pals birthday.


I shall knit on.

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