absentmindedkells: (reading: reading couch)
Bells of Kells ([personal profile] absentmindedkells) wrote2015-01-13 03:17 pm

Reading Bingo is Back!

And this time it's Can Lit focused.

And I am EXCITED! I’m even more excited because it’s Canadian Lit themed, and I am ready. I wanted to read more Canadian lit this year and well - this is going to encourage me even more! (Granted my goal was to read more Margaret Atwood but that then spiraled into read more CanLit and now - this!)

Card from Random House. I failed at both versions of their Bingo last year (YA and non YA) but not this year.

I've got some Atwood checked out from the library, I want to delve more into Miriam Toews backlist, and after jumping around a bit I'm going back to the beginning of Emily St. John Mandel's work. And from there - who knooowwws.

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